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Three months and eight megabits

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internode work

Well, it’s been three months at Internode - a bit over, actually.

And… it’s cool here. I really like that I can focus on just sysadmin work, instead of trying to divide my attention sixty ways. (That’s Anton’s job now :-).

And I still get to spend time on forums (think Whirlpool), though it’s not quite as easy to justify! I also have had quite a few freebies already (coffee mugs, shirts, hats, etc - from node itself and vendors).

The SAN failure was… interesting. Everyone was pretty calm, despite the calamity, and everything got done and done well. Despite the email issue continuing through the weekend, almost everything was up and running pretty quickly after the failure.

Other cool things include the company-supplied MBP. I always had a real soft spot for OSX, and now it’s my primary OS. I bought myself a Dell Mini 9 for the bus trip, and installed Ubuntu. Totally awesome, ranks amongst the best $600 I ever spent!

Oh, and I’m on a RIM where I’m living - but at least this time, (a) it’s DSL-capable, (b) I’m really close, and © Internode pays - so I get ~7.5Mbit. I also now have a Nodephone2 account; cheap calls (from Aldinga, the number of STD calls we make suck). More importantly, the number starts with 08-75 instead of the 08-85 normal for the area - the puzzled look on people’s faces is worth it!

I do miss my friends though. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up in the near future ;-)