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Hacky IP forwarding with IP aliases and SSH

· by Robert Mibus · Read in about 1 min · (185 Words)
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of quality sysadmin programming to bring you a brief announcement on using SSH and hacky port forwards to access something via a LAN IP over the Internet.

If I have a server at home that can only be accessed via (say) - perhaps because it is a web application that rewrites all internal URLs to always go to that IP - how do I get access?

Easy. My application listens on, so I’ll give it exactly that:

ip addr add dev lo
ssh -L

So, I add as a local IP address, bind SSH to it, forward all packets for over the SSH tunnel to the gateway server ( for this example), then it unbundles it from the SSH stream and passes it to the real

It only works for that one port on that one IP address (though you can add individual IPs and ports easily enough!), but the key part is that it works.

To clean up, close your SSH links and run:

ip addr del dev lo