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Desktop SCRAM

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So the problem goes like this:

  • A coworker asks if I want to join them for a coffee. (This happens multiple times per day, FWIW). I say “Yes!” and jump up…
  • …then sit back down to lock my computer screen, and hop back up…
  • …only to realise I’ve left my music playing - so I sit down, unlock my screen, pause my music, and re-lock my screen…
  • …at which point, my coworkers have already long since disappeared.

My solution...

My solution? A Desktop SCRAM button, where I can just go whack and walk away with impunity.

It’s made up of a USB-serial cable, and a ~$10 button. The button’s two contacts are wired to the DSR and Ground lines respectively.

The code is available (GPLv3) at:

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