Sydney Senior SRE/Sysadmin/Something.


Kinda nerdy father; Systems Engineer / SRE / Manager.

Professional Summary

I’ve been a developer (PHP, C, Python, Go), Systems Administrator, SRE, and people manager. I can mess around with system internals, I can lead projects or small teams, I can coach and mentor.

I like to take a step back and ask what problem we’re really trying to solve.

Skill Summary

  • Technical leadership
  • Team leadership / management
  • Communication! Verbal and written
  • Coaching and mentoring of junior staff
  • Documenting then fixing pesky legacy systems
  • Troubleshooting complex environments
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo, RHEL)
  • Solaris 9, 10
  • Virtualisation (Solaris Containers, Linux-VServers, LXC, VMWare, Docker)
  • IPv6, Systems & Applications
  • DNS (BIND) authoritative & recursive)
  • Email stuff (sendmail, IronPort)
  • Backups (Legato/EMC NetWorker, Amanda)
  • Puppet
  • OpenLDAP, Heimdal Kerberos.
  • MySQL tuning, index optimisation
  • Monitoring (munin, nagios, collectd, mon)
  • Python, C, Go, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS


  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Flinders University 2003.
  • Certificate IV in Project Management
  • Various courses - Zend Server, XIV SAN, and IPv6
  • On the job! I learn new systems and technologies quickly.


You can read my résumé; you can also check out my my LinkedIn profile.