Sydney Staff SRE or something.


Father / Systems Engineer / Staff SRE / Engineering Manager.

Professional Summary

I’ve been a developer, Systems Administrator, SRE, and people manager. I can spend all day in a hex editor, or drafting roadmaps for teams to work together on. I’ve led small teams and cross-team projects; I do coaching and mentoring on everything from career goals to communication skills.

I like to take a step back and ask what problem we’re really trying to solve.

Skill Summary

  • Large-scale system design & architecture
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Mentoring & coaching junior and senior employees
  • Monitoring and SLOs
  • Data Integrity / backup & restore
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Core protocols - DNS, SMTP, LDAP, RADIUS; IPv6
  • Tuning and query / index optimisation for databases (MySQL, BDB)
  • Coding/scripting (bash, Python, Java/C++/Perl)


  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Flinders University 2003.
  • Certificate IV in Project Management
  • On the job! No two tasks are the same, I really enjoy diving in to learn new things.


You can read my résumé; you can also check out my LinkedIn profile.