Yes, donations. Let’s face it, I have most of the things I want, so I’d much rather if you could do something that benefits a wider group of people. The groups below all work for the common good, in areas I have a particular interest in, and I feel that helping them will ultimately help make a better future for my children and their peers.

Please also note that when I say “free” below, I’m not referring only to “no cost” but also to the method by which the projects are run; they all allow and encourage free sharing and modification of their work. This sounds unimportant, but such freedom is key as improvements must always “stand on the shoulders” of the things that came before.

In alphabetical order:

  • Debian – A free Linux-based operating system
  • EFA – Digital rights activists (Australia)
  • EFF – Digital rights activists (USA)
  • Freedom Box – Trying to create a usable-by-normal-people miniature server to enhance privacy on the Internet.
  • Free Software Foundation – Possibly the oldest organisation advocating and developing free software and formats.
  • GNOME Foundation – Developing a free and accessible desktop software platform for PCs.
  • Tor Project – A free software project helping improve privacy on the internet.
  • Wikimedia Foundation – Run Wikipedia, a freely available community encyclopedia

Please: click through, read about some of the goals of the projects, and choose one or more to donate to.

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